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Custom Presentation Products of New Jersey

Professional Custom Presentation Products

Every aspect of your presentation has to be
perfect -- that attention to detail defines the
success of your next presentation
. In the modern
world of generic and wide-spread digital presentation
tools, creating a lasting impression means going the
extra mile delivering a higher level of professionalism
and quality to your presentation. Everyone has a
great powerpoint show or digital printout these days,
but not everyone has the custom presentation
materials and capability that we offer.

Custom Presentation Products from CPPNJ
Our staff of experienced craftsmen will create each piece to your exact specifications. We work with only the finest material available and will customize any order to fit your needs.

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Custom Presenation Products

Details Do Matter!

Custom Presentation Products of New JerseyEven if you have a perfectly crafted message that has the power to revolutionize your industry or specialty, if your presentation materials are poorly constructed, made from cheap, generic materials, or inferior to a competitor’s, your audience will overlook those brilliant ideas and judge you on the “little things” that make your presentation seem less professional. Attention to detail says something about how serious you are about your product, company, services, and/or ideas.

The Power To Impress

If your presentation is important to you then leave no stone unturned! Attractive and innovative presentation materials make a powerful impression. Imagine handing your client a custom binder with gold inlay or custom imprinted graphics -- they are impressed before they even consider the treasure of information that awaits between the covers.

When You Want The Best...

Our staff of experienced craftsmen will create each piece to your exact specifications. We work with only the finest material available. Genuine leathers, imitation leathers, coated book cloth, natural book fabrics, aluminum, copper, exotic woods, acrylics and so much more. No project in too complicated for us to handle. It is neither too small or too big. We will make you 1 piece, or 100,000. We can and will do it all just for you, our only client.

Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products's knowledge and experience make us your finest choice for all your presentation needs. You can rely on our professionalism to see your project through from concept to completion.

Custom binders

You’ve worked hard to prepare your information -- let us bring a new dimension of perfection to the binder in which it is packaged. We work with only the finest material available to create custom binders that are works of art.

Stock Binders

The classic three-ring stock binder and it’s variants remains one of the most popular and practical methods of maintaining a working presentation portfolio. The stock binder allows fast access to loose pages and makes it easy to insert or remove content on demand.

Easel Binders

Easel binders double as a great presentation piece and make an impressive and powerful table top display that’s easy to carry. Available in Platform Easel or Split back Easel styles, these binders are a functional and effective tool for trade shows, production notes, recipes and much more. With a range of great designs and finishes to choose from, Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products will customize your easel binder to meet your specific business and marketing needs.

Slip Cases

Our custom Slip Cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be covered in an unlimited number of materials and textures. Slip cases are a great way to store binders and make a much more professional presentation. Contact us to learn how our custom-designed Slip Cases can impress your clients and be a useful tool to store and carry your presentation binders with as well.

Telescoping & Specialty Paper Boxes

An adjustable two-piece design, a Telescopic Box consists of two boxes with one sliding inside the other. A favorite of product retail packagers for decades, telescoping boxes are not only practical for shipping and protection they are an exciting experience for the recipient to open and explore what is inside. We also carry a variety of options for Specialty Paper Boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Cigar Boxes

Open the lid and experience packaging bliss! A unique box design that adds a special touch to the materials inside. Sometimes thinking outside the box means using a different kind of box! Contact us to find out more about how the classic cigar box makes an innovative sales piece!

All Kinds of Boxes!

We offer all kinds of boxes Boxes, Custom Boxes, Paper Boxes, Presentation Boxes, Aluminum Boxes, Portfolio Boxes, Customized Boxes, Acrylic Boxes Wood Boxes, Wooden Liquor Boxes, Slip Cases, Custom Slip Cases, Poly Boxes, Printed Boxes, Clamshell Boxes, Magnetic Closure Flap Boxes, Specialty Boxes, and just about anything you can think of!

Pocket Folders

One of the most popular presentation delivery devices in history, Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products takes the sought after pocket folders to a new level of sophistication. Whether it’s the touch and feel of imitation leather or a high impact full-color graphic on gloss stock, isn’t it time you turned it up a notch?

Menu Covers

Not all menu covers are equal. Great restaurateurs around the world have approached the menu cover as a work of art that transforms the initial tactile customer experience into something remarkable. At Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products we’re not afraid to harness a range of materials to create your menu covers, be it wood, glass, plastic, natural fibers and beyond!

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Custom Presentation Products of New Jersey
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Phone: (201) 532-7940   •  Fax: (201) 528-7348