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Custom Presentation Products of New Jersey

Our Presentation Products

Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products brings
over 30 years of experience to the table and
offers a full line of presentation products.

Our products are fully customizeable down to the
smallest detail. Our experience has proven to our
customers that there are no limits to our products
capabilities, only your imagination!

Custom Presentation Products from CPPNJ
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Custom Presenation Products

Custom Presentation ProductsCustom Designed For You!

All custom projects are priced on a per-project basis since there are an unlimited number of possibilities such as size, color, material-type, and so on.

Take a moment and view each line of products featured in the Custom Products menu to your left.

For more information about our Custom Presentation Products, feel free to Contact Us Online or call 201.532.7940 anytime for more information.

Acrylic and Aluminum Presentation Cases

Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products offers innovative & unique solutions in the field of presentation and promotion. The Slimline Aluminum cases are great as conference folders, CD cases and software packaging, especially when fitted with mountings, pockets or foam inserts. Our aluminum presentation cases create an attention grabbing sales tool for representatives and agents, or a startling eyecatcher for promotional launches of new products. The aluminum attaché cases are not just aluminum boxes, but are customized as Aluminum carrying cases, presentation boxes or as aluminum portfolio cases, all unique to your specification.


A truly custom binder will drive your sales and marketing presentations ahead of your competition, and reinforce the association of your brand with innovation and quality. Cloth-bound binders are the perfect alternative to generic office binders. Our binders are available in many styles and colors, you are sure to find the binder that is perfect for your presentation.

Whether you decide that a hand sewn, leather like appearance is the best binder choice for you, or a digitally wrapped 4 color process binder fits your marketing goals, Jay Colvin Custom Presentation Products has the experience and the experts to take your information packaging project to completion. Quickly, and affordably.

Bound Books

The craft of bookbinding originated in India, where religious sutras were copied on to palm leaves (cut into two, lengthwise) with a metal stylus. The leaf was then dried and rubbed with ink, which would form a stain in the wound. The finished leaves were given numbers, and two long twines were threaded through each end through wooden boards.

If you're like many people, you love the feel of a book, along with the way it looks and significance it conveys. Wouldn't it be wonderful to share and preserve yourspecial manuscript in book form? Now you can with our bookbinding service.

Presentation Folders

You need to promote. The most popular way to do so is with presentation folders. Virtually every company can benefit from using folders - increased visibility and organization creates a stronger, more memorable customer experience.

Poly Boxes And Folders

From Tote boxes, presentation boxes, magazine file boxes, magazine collectors, mailing boxes--customized with your logo and graphics. We can create textured materials in all shapes, sizes and designs. Simple boxes, fancy boxes, odd-shaped boxes, boxes with space for multimedia and binders—you name it, we can make it. Have a specialized product or line of products you’d love to get packaged together in a unique form? We can do it with our poly boxes and folders!

Specialty Boxes

When it comes to making a powerful impression on your customers or clients, nothing less will do. Whether you are sponsoring an event, competing in retail or promoting a web site or your company, unique packaging will capture your target audience like nothing else. JC Reputaion has an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of trend-setting specialty boxes.

Slip Cases

For the finishing touch— neatly store your binders in a matching slipcase and create a finished complete package look. These binder slipcase sets are especially appropriate for storage in public and high traffic settings where you want to display a professional demeanor. Binder slipcase options include, but aren't limited to: 1, 2, 3 or four color process printing; gloss or matte finishes; decorating techniques such as foil stamped or debossed imprinting; turned edge or standard construction; cloth, laminate, vinyl and leather coatings. Choose from various sizes of our standard 3 ring binders and slipcases or let us create a custom design to meet your specific requirements.

We encourage you to ask questions so we can provide you with the best possible final product! Contact Us Online or call 201.532.7940

Custom Presentation Products of New Jersey
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Phone: (201) 532-7940   •  Fax: (201) 528-7348